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ROMANS 15:25-27

Supporting the believers in the Land of Israel

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Targeted Support: We believe that micro projects offer a unique opportunity to address the specific needs and challenges faced by messianic believers in Israel. These projects enable us to tailor our support to provide direct assistance, such as financial aid, job training, or educational programs, which can be more closely aligned with the community's particular requirements compared to broader initiatives undertaken by larger organizations.


Personal Connection: With smaller-scale projects, we emphasize the importance of fostering a personal connection between donors and the recipients. This connection allows for a deeper relationship between supporters and the individuals or groups they are helping, promoting trust and accountability. Such a personal link often leads to more effective assistance and a heightened understanding of the community's needs.


Flexibility and Innovation: Micro projects are known for their flexibility and adaptability in responding to changing circumstances. They provide an opportunity to experiment with innovative approaches and quickly adjust to the evolving needs of the messianic believer community in Israel. In contrast, larger organizations may face bureaucratic processes that hinder their ability to rapidly address emerging challenges.


Reduced Overhead Costs: We recognize that larger organizations typically have higher administrative and overhead costs, which can diminish the proportion of funds directly benefiting the intended recipients. Micro projects are designed to minimize such overhead, allowing a larger portion of donations to be directed towards the cause itself.


Grassroots Impact: Micro projects often originate at the grassroots level, led by individuals or small teams who possess a deep understanding of the local context and community dynamics. This grassroots approach can result in more effective and culturally sensitive solutions to the challenges faced by messianic believers.


Community Empowerment: Our commitment to supporting micro projects lies in their potential to empower messianic believers in Israel to take control of their own development and initiatives. Rather than being passive recipients of aid, they can actively participate in projects that enhance their lives and strengthen their community.


Accountability: Smaller projects are typically characterized by greater transparency and accountability, enabling donors to closely monitor how their contributions are being utilized. This accountability fosters trust and ensures that funds are utilized efficiently and effectively.


Leveraging Networks: Micro projects often leverage the networks and resources within the messianic community, resulting in a multiplier effect. By supporting local initiatives, donors can tap into existing social and cultural networks that can significantly amplify the impact of their contributions.


While we recognize the advantages of micro projects, it's important to acknowledge that they may not address all the needs of a community comprehensively. Larger organizations continue to play a vital role in providing infrastructure, advocacy, and support for long-term systemic changes. Therefore, we advocate for a balanced approach that combines both micro and macro-level support to effectively assist messianic believers in Israel and similar communities.

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